Chinese Pole

A choreographed acrobatic dance performed on a rubber coated 6 meter steel pole which can be adjusted for smaller venues :

El Tango Pole Duet: A vignette into the impassioned world of jealousy and desire fusing Argentinean tango with striking Acrobatics.

Vertical Dubstep: Street Style Duet

Miss Chang Chinese Pole: Traditional Duet fused with dramatic contemporary choreography

Lucy Longsleves: Characterful Solo Performance with Unique Costume Dance get in touch for Full details

Pulp Fiction Pole Duet:  Step Back into Quintin Tarantino's World brought to life through Tao & Justine

Pirate’s Mast Mockery: Classic comical Pirate antics. 

Lost to Ludovico: Contemporary Choreography inspired by Italian Classical composer Ludovico Einaudi  

Acrobatic/ Adagio Acts and Walkabouts:

Trio Acrobatics:

Vintage Circus Act

Corporate Circus Perfromance

Walkabout & Stage shows Available.

Duo Acrobatics/ Adajio:

Complete Faith : Beautiful Lyrical Balance act (5 min) Duet perfect for Weddings, ceremonies, family Events, Cabarets

Coal Face: Victorian Style Acro-balance Duet