Aerial Acts - These are choreographed acrobatic dance pieces performed at height. There are many acts and costumes to chose from and if you have a specific theme please get in touch as i might already have something that will work perfectly and if not its always good to create new work!

Aerial Silks

1920’s Great Gatsby Synchronized Silks act 

Vintage Circus Synchronized Silks Act

Traditional Chinese Oriental Silks act

Wedding Silks Act - Spectacular heart-warming performance for that special day.

Bespoke Silks Acts Available catered to your event.

Corde Lisse (Aerial Rope)

Tim Burton/ Halloween/ Steam Punk Characterful Corde-Lisse Act

Pirate Rope Act to dramatic Music from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

1920’s  Cabaret Act

Contemporary Corde-Lisse with Counterweighted options

Aerial Hoop

Dance of Lunar Deity - A sensitively ethereal performance of elegance and flexible fluidity.

Skin – Summer spin - Fun loving act full of sunshine.

Stage Cat Strut -   Sassy Slick moves mixed with playful Trix are performed with poise from this Feline Friend.

 Also hang-about / meet and greet options available.

Doubles Trapeze, Triples Trapeze & Straps

Triples Trapeze: Spectacular Sequinned Starlets Perform Diamonds are Forever. 

Doubles Straps: emotionally charged epic counterweighted Show of acrobatic feats and lifts.

Doubles Trapeze: Vintage Circus/ Steam Punk

Spanish Web

Spanish Web is a high impact impressive spining rope act. A loop is attached to the Rope  for the performer to put their hand or foot into and a web sitter (on the ground) spin's the rope to spin the performer whylst they move through a choreographed sequence. 

Harness Dance

Whether hanging from a crane, dancing down a building or as a stage duet piece, harness dance is a spectacular contemporary form of aerial performance that is both accessible to large audiences and works at festivals, big events and can even be  performed as a stage show or part of an ensemble performance. 

Harness Dance usually requires very specific rigging so get in touch to find out if this will work with your ideas.